Charlotte C. J. Tsou

Senior VP and Regional Head of Analytics & CRM, Retail Banking & Wealth Management at HSBC

Charlotte C. J. Tsou is in charge of Global Marketing Effectiveness Analytics, Global Omni Channel Analytics, and Latin Americas Retail Banking & Wealth Management Analytics at HSBC. She has over 17 years of experience in marketing analytics, strategic planning, digital and CRM transformation, and business development. An award winning marketing executive, Tsou has worked in the United States, Asia Pacific, and Latin America in multiple regional and global roles.

Beyond Global Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics is rapidly changing through advancing technologies, digitalization, and evolving customer needs. In fact, years ago, marketing analytics was not even its own subject, but was instead spread amongst multiple departments. Nevertheless, what remains constant is the ability to take large amounts of compiled data and organize it accordingly to develop insights and create business solutions.

Charlotte Tsou has watched the world of marketing analytics transition through different stages. As a global female leader in the banking industry, she coordinates between analytics teams in India, Argentina, Mexico, and the United States. With a specialization in Global Marketing Effectiveness & Channel Analytics, she needs to oversee numerous areas of the CRM campaign execution process. The end results are one-on-one based digital messages personalized to each HSBC customer. When done on an international level, that execution process becomes far more complex.

“With the vast number of tools and data available, there is now a bigger ecosystem in marketing analytics than ever before. With international banking, the analytics are country-to-country specific since Hong Kong’s customer behavior is very different from Mexico’s customer behavior. We have an overall global responsibility as well as a responsibility to market effectiveness that eventually brings both customer solutions and positive returns on investment.”

In addition to her global experience, Charlotte has also seen trending gaps between people who work with data. One group, marketers, is using data technology to interpret, commercialize, and solve business challenges. In contrast, the other group, data scientists, is diving into a cloud of data, but with very little hypothesis. They do not necessarily look at the business challenges, but can discover something amazing within the data. The key to success is when both groups can work together to establish deeper insights and develop next steps.

“Marketing Analytics will always be in high demand. Technology is currently changing every aspect of corporations, but what differentiates you from your competitor is how you use data to create deeper and actionable insights.”

What IMC Means To Charlotte:

“What we’ve learned on the technical sides (Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Software solutions) has changed dramatically; however, business questions & challenges to solve remain more so the same. IMC today for me is working with data, interpreting the data, and commercializing the data for solving business questions, providing predictive insights, and driving revenue.”

Charlotte C. J. Tsou is a member of the Medill IMC Class Of 2002

Profile by Priya Ramanathan, Medill IMC Class Of 2017

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