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Our mission is to provide thoughtful, meaningful content and insights from current case studies so Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) students and professionals can build on existing knowledge, understand how to approach complex business marketing problems, and challenge outdated marketing communications practices.

APEX Award for Publication Excellence Winner 

apex awardThe JIMC has been awarded an APEX Award of Excellence. The APEX Awards are an annual competition for publishers, editors, writers, and designers who create print, web, electronic, and social media.

Hannah Toutounchi


Hannah Toutounchi received her B.A. in Global Studies with a minor in Professional Writing at the University of California, Santa Barbara before attending Northwestern. She worked in both the legal and editorial fields, in roles focused heavily on writing and editing. Hannah came to Medill with a fascination for storytelling, multimedia, and technology; these interests continue to drive her passion for IMC’s data driven, consumer-centric approach to marketing communications. She hopes to bring her creativity and curiosity to a career in brand strategy and digital content. Originally from the Bay Area, Hannah is an avid museum-goer and speaks Farsi fluently.



Andrew Hodgson

Editorial Director

Prior to his time at Northwestern, Andrew Hodgson graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts in History in 2016. Andrew spent a year covering the University of Missouri’s athletics program for the Jefferson City News Tribune after undergrad. A native of Pittsburgh, he is primarily focused on strategic communications, digital/social marketing, and creative branding with a sports emphasis (while also incorporating in his interest in analytics and investor relations, which he explored during his time at the IMC program). Among the clients he has worked with in his time at Northwestern, his favorites include the Big 10 Network, Metra and Boltwood.



Benjamin Mandel

Copy Editor

Benjamin Mandel is a Chicago native and a Northwestern University alumnus. Prior to pursing an IMC Master’s degree, Benjamin worked in media and communications at a Chicago-based non-profit focused on advocating for sustainable vertical urbanism, where he had the opportunity to write and edit academic publications as well as working with the press. His passions include music, playing guitar, traveling, and hiking.



Viola Liu

Creative Director

It has often been said that creativity is the enemy to analytical thinking, and that the two can in no way be reconciled; however, Viola embraces them both. Viola has many artistic skills: innovative design, video production, video editing, and special effects production. She loves bringing a different perspective to things and visualizing them in her own way. Viola is pursuing the marketing analytics specialization, a main reason why she came to Medill. Her ability to transform data into actionable growth strategies and leverage analytics to create meaningful stories will drive her future career goals after Medill.



Sheryl Zheng

PR Director

Coming from a finance background, Sheryl Zheng discovered her interest towards marketing while working for a consulting agency in Beijing, China. She is particularly interested in marketing analytics and how data translates into insightful stories and meaningful implications for brands to act upon. She is a passionate, semi-serious runner, once trekked through a desert in Inner Mongolia, and loves to act, having played the leading role in two theater productions. She was also a journalist for her university gazette, where she wrote articles on spotlight events such as Kofi Annan’s visit to Peking University.



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