Articles from the 2017 Issue – IMC IN AN INNOVATIVE WORLD


What is IMC? / Alice Marder


So Your Bull’s-Eye Consumer Tweeted at Your Brand. Now What? / Joe Sargent

Driving Business with a Consistent Brand / Charlie Chen

From The Funnel to Dual Buckets / Frank Wong

Decoding the Millennial Enigma / Amanda Slavin

Personal Branding & What It Means in 2016 / Jeff Willinger

The Importance of Innovation in Elevating Brand Relevance / Shari Matras


Transforming into an Analytical Organization / Dr. José A. Murillo Garza

Telling a Memorable Story with Your Data / Cyndi W. Greenglass


Authenticity, Democratization of Information and the Changing Nature of Influence / Jake O’Leary, Smriti Khanna

The Importance of Social Media for Brands / Matt Augustin

Personalized Marketing @ Scale / Abhishek Jadon

The Influence of Influencer Marketing / Tara Chang


Platform Businesses “Float Costs,” Consumers Run Businesses / Tony Poidomani

Brand-Driven Innovation / Ariel Goldfarb

Evidence of the Influence and Value of Customer Reviews for Purchase Decisions / Spiegel Research Center


A Non-Writer’s Guide to Storytelling / Kirsten Longnecker

Public Relations Means Business / Dr. Matthew W. Ragas

A Brief Look at the State of PR in Mexico / Olga Oro Coppel

Don’t Panic, Plan / S. Kneisler & T. Van Ryne

Preparing Your CEO for the Role of Senior Statesman / Marjorie Benzkofer

Speaking the Millennial Language / A. Sanchez Ferro











































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