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Articles from the 2016 Issue – CHANGING GEARS


The New Marketing Paradigm / Jeff Hilton

In Defense of the Intangible / Rahul Roy

Overcoming Content Challenges in the Digital Age / Akash Pathak

Information is Flowing: The Digital Age has Guaranteed It / Tony Poidomani

Cracking the Code on Global Brand PR / Lisa Gibbons

Building Brands With Purpose / Fernando Chacon


Digital Detox / Alex Drozdovsky

Behind the Development of the BTN Big 10K / Erin Harvego

Self-Regulation / Marlene Larson Conus

Creative Segmentation / Ben Disanti, Ken Hicks & Greg Filler


Data’s Challenge to Creativity / Rob van Kranenburg

Omni-Channel: The Evolution of IMC in a Real-Time World / Randy Hlavac

The Four Real-World IMC “Hacks” You Need to Know / Sandy Kolkey

Does Your Advertising Really Motivate Consumers to Buy Your Ethical Products? / Eliane Karsaklian, Ph.D.

The Rabbit is Dying: Rebooting Advertising in 21st Century Culture / Hadji Williams


The Future of the Advertising Agency / Aditya Kanthy & Amit Kekre

What You Should Know About Mobile Push Messaging / Jaime Guerrero

Redefining Thought Leadership / Andy Bosman & Sara Webber Laczo

Resilience in Media: How the Oprah Brand Has Used Technology to Evolve and Thrive / Daniel Gruber & Andrea Wishom

Understanding the Various Attitudes on Consumer Privacy and Security / Steve Dodd

Loyalty Marketing is Much More Than Points and Redemption / Linda Xu


Digital Marketing & Web Analytics / Kelly Cutler

Who Has the Most Influential Power? / Lydie Liu

Event Sponsorship – Blame It On the ’60s…and Golf / Chris Thompson

Life Events Approach: Strategies for Managing Customer Lifetime Value in Retail / John Parkinson

Data Helps Companies Realize the Value of Delivering Social Benefits / Jason Saul


JIMC 2016 issue

Data Helps Companies Realize the Value of Delivering Social Benefits Written By Jason Saul, Founder & CEO, Mission Measurement Edited By LuCinda Hohmann, Medill IMC Class Of 2015 Published on 10/21/2015   For consumer-facing businesses like restaurants, grocery stores and automotive manufacturers, fierce competition on price, quality and convenience leaves little space for differentiation. Yet,… Continue Reading

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