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Loretta Yang

Marketing Science Lead at Facebook

Loretta Yang has eight years of experience working in data analytics teams at big media advertising agencies and serving Fortune 500 clients in the CPG, retail, and insurance industries. She is an experienced marketing analytics professional, a firm believer of the power of big data, an enthusiast of programmatic media and precision marketing, a proactive problem solver, and a passionate team leader.

How IMC Fundamentals Transform Careers

With a strong interest in marketing and strength in analytics, Loretta made a switch from Journalism to IMC. She believes that consumer insights and marketing strategies are generated from evidence and facts. In eight years of work experience with data and analytics, Loretta enjoys playing with data and transforming it into meaningful stories.

Currently, Loretta helps clients with business growth through media planning and campaign execution at Facebook. Her clients range from small local burger joints to industry giants like Google and HP. Through providing customer data analysis and consumer insights, Loretta helps her clients improve media buy effectiveness and build marketing strategies on Facebook by finding their target audiences and delivering the right messages to them. As she puts it: “The philosophy of Facebook measurement is very consistent with IMC. Facebook is people-based, and all decisions are made based on data and analysis. My entire work is about IMC.”

The marketing industry is moving away from channel planning to audience planning. There is no single channel that is required for all consumer journeys. “Firstly, we need to consider who we want to talk to, what is the right message for them, and how can we reach them, then let the data tell you the answer.” Loretta believes that the future of marketing analytics will focus on mobile marketing: “Mobile is really changing everything.”

Marketers now have more control over different mobile devices, which also leads to changes in marketing and media strategy. With huge amounts of cross-device consumer behavioral data compared to eight years ago, consumer experience will continue to improve largely because content will be more personalized and relevant. However, identifying consumers is a major challenge for marketing analytics because consumer purchase behaviors cross different devices and platforms, and it is hard to connect consumer behavior online and offline.

For students who want to pursue careers in marketing analytics, Loretta suggests that industry exposure and business-driven mindset are important. She believes that the advantage of marketing analysts over data scientists lies with their ability to produce business insights: “Marketing analysts translate data into actionable insights and strategies. Data analytics tools are changing every year; you will learn new data analytics tools in work and practice models you learned from class.” It is important to internalize the information from the classroom and apply it in the real business world. Loretta suggests that IMCers should leverage the powerful Northwestern network and keep IMC principles in mind to gain more industry experiences. And by doing so, they will remain on the bleeding edge of marketing revolution.

Loretta Yang is the Marketing Science Lead at Facebook

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