Our Mission 

Our mission is to represent the cutting edge study and practice of Medill IMC that tackles marketing and business problems. Strengthen the brand/leadership of IMC in the marketing communications field.

APEX Award for Publication Excellence Winner 

The JIMC has been awarded an APEX Award of Excellence. The APEX Awards are an annual competition for publishers, editors, writers, and designers who create print, web, electronic, and social media.https://www.lilybridal.co.nz/

Chaoying (Karen) Wang

Editor in Chief

Prior to Northwestern and Medill, Karen worked on the marketing and management teams in a pharmaceutical company in China for five years. Her experience as the Editor-in-Chief of the company journal brought her to JIMC. She came to Medill with ambition in digital marketing in a global context. IMC has empowered her a data-driven and consumer-centric mindset, opportunities to practice her skillset to drive sustainable growth of a business. Outside of work, you will find her traveling, exploring food and coffee, or dancing salsa.

Caleb Hall

Editorial Director

Caleb completed his B.A. in International Business at the University of South Florida. While he was there, he spent a year as an exchange student at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. During his time in Korea he was creating video content with the founders of Asian Boss Media, then a fledgling YouTube channel and now an incorporated multimedia startup company with an office in the Gangnam neighborhood of Seoul (yes, that Gangnam). Building from those experiences and education, he found IMC as a place where he could mix his passion for cultural exchange with communications. He has focused on Strategic Communications and Media during his time in IMC, and hopes to build a career in the field of communications.

Richard (Shih-Han) Chou

Creative Director

Prior to JIMC, Richard served as the vice editor of Newsweekly back in undergrad, and was in charge of all the creative designs within the publication. While having no professional training, he is very interested in creative design, which is what brought him to the Creative Director of JIMC. As an IMC student, he is very passionate about branding related courses. He hopes to combine his creative mindset with IMC strategic knowledge to pursue a successful career in the marketing industry.

Yunxuan (Jessica) Wang

PR Director

With a background in communication, Jessica has worked as a public relations intern at an international fashion PR agency for four months. The experience helped train her ability to manage multiple stakeholder relationships and taught her the importance of communicating strategically to make an impact. Her passion for data and her curiosity toward the analytical approach of marketing drove her to the IMC program as well as to the JIMC team. As JIMC embarks on a new digital journey and celebrates its 30 -year anniversary, Jessica hopes to use her communication and analytical skills to expand the digital footprint of the journal and to engage more industry professionals to join the conversation about the future of marketing.

Sara Caputo

Copy Editor

Sara completed her undergraduate education at the University of Illinois, where she worked as a copy editor and slotter for the Daily Illini newspaper. She has taken publishing and editing classes and was excited to be involved in a publication coming into IMC. Her passion has always been language and storytelling, which is what drew her to Medill with a focus on Brand Strategy, and she has since also become interested in Consumer and Cultural insights. Outside of work or classes, you can usually find her curled up with a good book or eating.

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